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Astronomical Almanacs
Astronomical Tables of the Sun, Moon and Planets, 3rd Edition by Jean Meeus
Astronomical Almanac, United States Naval Observatory
Multi Year Interactive Computer Almanac 1800—2050 (MICA) United States Naval Observatory
Planetary and Lunar Coordinates 2001–2020 HM Nautical Almanac Office

Telescope Making & Optics
Amateur Telescope Making, Ingalls>
Vol. 1
Vol. 2
Vol. 3

Advanced Telescope Making Techniques, Mackintosh,
Vol. 1 Optics
Vol. 2 Mechanical

Best of Amateur Telescope Making, Cook
Vol. 1 (Issues 1 through 11)
Vol. 2 ( Issues 12 through 18)

Build Your Own Telescope, Berry, 3rd Ed.

Dobsonian Telescope, Kriege/Berry

Engineering, Design and Construction of String Telescopes Highe

How to Make a Telescope, 2nd Ed., Texereau

Introduction to Lens Design, Geary

SYNOPSYS Supplement to Joseph M. Geary's Introduction to Lens Design (Includes Software on Mini CD-ROM)

Making a Refractor Telescope, Remer (with CDROM and Excel Design Programs)

Manual for Amateur Telescope Makers, Lecleire/Lecleire

Optical Testing, Geary

Practical Computer-Aided Lens Design, Smith

Portable Newtonian Telescopes, Highe

Star Testing Astronomical Telescopes, 2nd Edition Suiter

The Schupmann Telescope, Daley

Telescopes, Eyepieces and Astrographs, Smith/Ceragioli/Berry

Telescope Optics—A Comprehensive Manual for Amateur Astronomers,
Rutten/Van Venrooij (Book only)

Telescope Control, Trueblood/Genet

Math and Celestial Mechanics
Astronomical Algorithms, 2nd Edition, Meeus

Astrophysics with a PC, Hellings (Book Only)
QuickBasic for IBM-PC, (Optical Software) Paul Hellings
Pascal for IBM-PC, (Optical Software) Paul Hellings

Canon of Lunar Eclipses, Bao-Lin/Fiala (Book only)
Optinal Software for IBM-PC, C. David Eagle & Liu Bao-Li

Computer Modeling, Danby W/CDROM

Elements of Solar Eclipses 1951 – 2200, Meeus (Book only)

Fundamentals of Celestial Mechanics, Danby (Book only)
Basic Source Code for IBM-PC, (Optional Software) J.M.A. Danby
Pascal Source Code for IBM-PC, (Optional Software) J.M.A. Danby

Fundamental Ephemeris Computations, W/CDROM, Heafner

Introduction to BASIC Astronomy With A PC, Lawrence (with CDROM)

JPL Planetary and Lunare Ephemerides, CDROM, Standish

Lunar Tables and Programs 4000 B.C. to A.D. 8000, Chapront-Touzé/Chapront (Book only) n
Optional Basic for IBM-PC, Michelle Chapront-Touzé & Jean Chapront
Optional Pascal for IBM-PC, Michelle Chapront-Touzé & Jean Chapront
Optional Fortran for IBM-PC, Michelle Chapront-Touzé & Jean Chapront

Mathematical Astronomical Morsels, Meeus

More Mathematical Astronomical Morsels, Meeus

Mathematical Astronomical Morsels III, Meeus

Mathematical Astronomical Morsels IV, Meeus

Mathematical Astronomical Morsels V, Meeus

Methods of Orbit Determination, Boulet (Book only)

Multiyear Interactive Computer Almanac 1800 – 2050(MICA) W/CD-ROM USNO

Planetary and Lunar Coordinates 2001–2020, With CDROM, HMNAO

Planetary Programs and Tables –4000 to +2800, Simon/Bretagnon (Book Only)
Basic for IBM-PC, Pierre Bretagnon & Jean-Louis Simon
Newcomb Module for IBM-PC, C. David Eagle, Pierre Bretagnon & Jean-Louis Simon
Hinkley-Bresim Program for IBM-PC, Pierre Bretagnon & Jean-Louis Simon
Fortran for IBM-PC, Pierre Bretagnon & Jean-Louis Simon

Solving Kepler’s Equation, Colwell

The Orrery, Foster (with CDROM)

Transits, Meeus

3D Astronomy with JAVA, Fairman (with CDROM)

CCDs and Astrophotography
Astrophotography, Featuring the fx System of Exposure Determination, Gordon

Introduction to Observing and Photographing the Solar System, Dobbins/Parker/Capen

Introduction to Digital Astrophotography, 2nd Ed, Reeves

Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography, Reeves

Photoshop Astronomy, Ireland (with DVD)

Wide-Field Astrophotography, Reeves

Photoelectric Photometry
Astronomical Photometry, Henden/Kaitchuck

Astronomical Photometry Software for PC, Henden/Kaitchuck

Photoelectric Photometry of Variable Stars, 2nd Ed, Hall/Genet

Solar System Photometry Handbook, Genet

Software for Photometric Astronomy, Ghedini

Observing Handbooks

Annals of the Deep Sky
Volume 1 Andromeda, Antlia, Apus, and Aquarius
Volume 2 Aquila, Ara, Aries, Auriga, Boötes, Caelum
Volume 3, Cameloparadalis, Cancer, Canes Venatici, Canis Major
Volume 4, Canis Minor, Capricornus, Carina, and Cassiopeia

The Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, Kanipe/Webb

Bedford Catalog, Smyth

Binocular Astronomy, 2nd Edition, Crossen/Tirion

Night Sky Observer’s Guide
Vol. 1–Autumn and Winter, Kepple/Sanner
Vol. 2–Spring and Summer, Kepple/Sanner
Vol. 3–The Southern Skies, Kepple/Cooper/Kay

Solar Astronomy Handbook, Beck et. al.

Star Clusters, Archinal/Hynes

Year-Round Messier Marathon, Pennington

Celestial Atlases and Catalogs
Bright Star Atlas, Tirion/Skiff

MegaStar5, Bonnano
Supplemental Image CD-ROM

Men, Monsters and the Modern Universe, Lovi/Tirion

Uranometria 2000.0 Atlas
All Sky Edition (Pole to Pole Coverage) Tirion/Rappaport/Remaklus
The Deep Sky Field Guide to Uranometria Cragin/Bonnano
Optional Grid Overlays (For All Sky Edition)

Bibliography of Astronomers, Vol. 1, Luther

Epic Moon, Sheehan/Dobbins